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About us

We are a platform for golf course management, where through technology, allows an accurate analysis, allowing the administration with precision of the development and sustainability of the field.

Agronomic and technical consulting

Professional follow-up to understand the analyzes
Consulting for decision making

Environmental Sustainability

Management for correct application of inputs: water, energy and maintenance through continuous analysis.

Business organization

Control of the operation and activities carried out
Practicality and speed in analyzing information


Business plan

  • Increased efficiency and practicality in decision making
  • Predicting possible problems for management
  • Activities planning
  • Operational management support

Environmental management

  • Field development and nutrition monitoring
  • Knowledge of soil characteristics
  • Optimization of water and energy resources


  • Easy-to-read analytical charts
  • Analysis of the field segmented by the characteristics of the golf course
  • Mobility of platform


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